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CSpan Student Cam Project


In this project students were expected to research their issue, procure interviews with experts on the issue, investigate multiple perspectives on the issue, mix video and sound, and create a documentary to address the prompt. Needless to say, it was a rich 21st century project and experience for our students. We are very proud them for their hard work and for the resiliency they showed under the pressure of deadlines and in the face of the multiple rejections they received for interviews. 

While the content of this year's documentaries was quite good covering a wide range of topics, what really blew us away was the quality of the questions our students asked and the impressive number of professional voices they brought into our shared classroom. In completing these documentaries, our students interviewed one US Senator, a CEO of a major Michigan corporation, a Navy General, NASA project managers, a US Congressman, several Michigan congressional leaders, the Mayor of Milan, numerous professors from local universities, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and even refugees. 

Topic Professional Interviews Special Awards Selected by MCIS Teachers & Students Students
AM MCIS Documentaries          
NASA Funding - Space the Final Fund-Tier Dr. Alec Gallimore, UM; Nicole Smith, Orion Service Module Project Manager Best Overall - AM MCIS Woelmer, Elizabeth Gyolai, Audrey Girbach, Bryce
College Affordability - The College Cost Crisis Rep. Adam Zimke, Senator Dale Zorn Best Editing - AM MCIS Fournier, Dani Jeppesen, Konrad Adams, Tyler
Economy - Improve our Economy Senator Debbie Stabenow, Mayor Michael Armitage, Dr. James Saunoris Chair of Economic at EMU Best Story and Content - AM MCIS (TIE) Philabaun, Abigail Kulikowski, Mason Mercieca, Ben
Education - Invest in our Future Bryan Girbach, Principal William Wright, Professor Barry Pyle Best Story and Content - AM MCIS (TIE) Penhallegon, Micah Hargrove, Sam Moccio, Abbie
Energy - Let's Talk about Energy Professor Mark Barteau, UM   Kaiser, Suzannah Goodin, Jillian Orlando, Spencer
Gun Control - Gun Control Terry Marlow, Business Owner   Horgrow, Hayley Richmond, Arius Skiff, Summer
Heroin Abuse - The Heroine Epidemic Judee Gniewek, Darcie Morvan Ann Arbor News Reporter Student Choice Award - AM MCIS Byrd Danielle Ashley Carmichael Austin Fuller
Obamacare - The Affordable Care Act: The good the bad and the ugly Dr. Julie Morelock, Dr. John Crump   Cote, Kendra Horton, Spenser Modigell, Taylor
Abortion - Let's talk about women's health Senator Dale Zorn, Senator Rebekah Warren   Dukes, Morgan Peacock, Ben Flowers, Corei
Religious Discrimination - Muslims Accepted or Discriminated? Professor Kristine Adjrouch, UM; Youth Director Osama Odeh   Wyandt, Megan Unwin, Charlotte Humes, Joey
Homelessness - Homelessness Zachary Messina, Mark Davis   Burch, Lindsey Phillips, Brittany  
Arts Education - How Important Are the Arts Alicia Upton, Tom Fahlstrom, Miranda Laskowski   Trout, Amos Waryas, Ryan Wachowicz, Sarah
College Affordability - Conquering College Affordability Congressman Tim Walberg, Dr. Daniil Manaenkov, UM   Hawkins, Taylor Heldt, Kirsten Sotomayor, Marissa
Refugees - Refugee Treatment in America Professor Bert de Vries, Tawfik Alazem Director of US Committee for Immigrants and Refugees   Anderson, Lindy Glass, Dennis Eaddy, Kelsea
The Death Penalty Ellis Stafford, Retired Inspector of Michigan Police; Christopher Fitzpatrick Ann Arbor Police Detective, Senator Dale Zorn   Hoover, Taylor Aceves, Caitlyn Hosein, Taylor
Topic Professional Interviews Special Awards Selected by MCIS Teachers and Students Students
PM MCIS Documentaries          
Age of Consent Attorney Denise Richardson   Nunlee, Taylor Preist, Hannah Engblom, Spencer
Clean Energy Sean Reed, Clean Air Coalition Founder; Craig Sieloff, DTE Project Manager   Kimbrell, Tyler Jackson, Darian Allen, Zach
Economy: The All Impacting Economy Patrick McInnes, CEO of FatHead LLC; Karen Sterzik, Finance Educator Best Story and Content - PM MCIS Williams, Katelyn Ray, Chandler Stafford, Marisa
Gun Control Matt Walline; Dick Cupka, Attorney Bill McCririe Best Editing - PM MCIS Meads, Wayne Polloni, Andrew Flaim, Katie
Gun Control Daniel Chlebos, Professor of Criminal Justice; Dick Cupka   Graber, Jessica Messina, Connor Roberts, Micha
Gun Free Zones Dick Cupka, NRA Safety Instructor; Colin Goddard, Senior Policy Analyst for Everytown for Gun Safety Best Overall - PM MCIS Malach, Brevin Schmidt, Jesse York, Justin
Marijuana for Recreational Use Craig Zupi; Dr. Mark Peters-Golden   Hawks, Andrew Lytle, Alexander Sneed, Allyson
Syrian Refugees Khaled Taleb-Agha, Software Engineer and Syrian National   Foley,Bryce Norzaimi,Daniel Perry,Allie
Iran Nuclear Deal Craig Zupi   Straub, Amanda Thacker, Jacob Ferenczy, Brenden
Syrian Refugees Congressman Tim Walberg, Attorney Ruby Robinson Best Editing - PM MCIS Mink, Richard Megonnell, Dylan Plum, Stratos
Legalization of Marijuana Dr. William Chamness, Tricia Sorios, Assitant Pharmacy Director Student Choice Award - PM MCIS Heath, Teegan Markham, Tyler Van Haren, Carter
Foreign Affairs and ISIS Matt Walline; Jen Glushyn   Baker, Kaytlynn Basom, Louis Smith, Justin