Milan Center for Innovative Studies

Drug Campaign

For this project the students were to act as representatives of a pharmaceutical company.  Teams developed a marketing campaign for a newly FDA approved pharmaceutical drug. At the end of the project teams must present their marketing campaign to a large (mock) audience of medical professionals. The marketing campaign should educate medical professionals on the chemistry and pharmacology of the drug (synthesis of the drug, body systems that are predominantly affected by the drug), the legal process involved in approving the drug (understanding the FDA and reporting on the process the drug goes through for approval), and will use multimedia to creatively express the campaign message. During this project students were required to start by researching recalled drugs and then actually creating a version of aspirin. After the lab groups had to write a lab report. Next each member was assigned a job, Marketing Specialist, FDA Consultant, Pharmacist, or Media Consultant. The marketing specialist was in charge of creating a marketing plan and creating a presentation, the FDA Consultant's job was to make sure all laws were followed in the marketing plan, the pharmacist was there to explain how the drug works and all the effects it can have, and finally the media consultant was in charge of promoting the drug when it gets out on the market. Students tend to like this project because they can choose the job that interests them the most.