Milan Center for Innovative Studies

L-R First row:  Brad Baden (Science Lead); Erin Jones (English Lead);  De'Nae Streeter (Math Lead); Herb Morelock (Government Lead)

L-R Second row Kim Goffee (Senior Counselor) and Melissa Fiederlein (Special Education Teacher Consultant)

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-Redesigning the Senior Year-

March 11, 2016


Welcome!  We are so excited to share about our experiences with Redesigning the Senior Year as we have experienced it over the last 6 years!  The teachers have been a part of the entire development of the MCIS, from the initial framework to the curriculum to the building of the wing onto the existing high school and beyond!  

Don't have a "new wing"?  NO PROBLEM!  Everything that we are sharing can be done between a few classrooms by transforming traditional settings into interactive, flexible spaces and team teaching!

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Session Description:

We will discuss how our seniors use project-based learning and technology in a 90-student, cross-curricular, team-teaching environment to prepare for post-secondary goals.  This environment fosters a community mindset and increases the shared experiences of the outgoing class while enhancing student engagement up to graduation.  Through a focus on 21st century skills and College Board approved college readiness standards, students work towards a growth mindset and daily improvement.

Learning Outcomes for Attendees

  1. How to design a senior year experience which moves emphasis from content to skills

  2. How to prepare students to learn, develop, and become self-aware of the critical skills needed for post-secondary success

  3. How to use technology (Chromebooks, Google Drive, iMovie, Schoology or other LMS, etc) to transform the way your students work; moving them from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge