Milan Center for Innovative Studies

Making the Disabled Able

The purpose of this project is to use robotics to enhance a disabled person's ability to perform an everyday task. A group of four students will form a company that will produce and market a robot prototype. The prototype will need to be designed to help a disabled person overcome a critical life challenge. Such as pouring cereal, retrieving items, etc. For this project students had to research a disease and write an essay about that disease. Then within their groups of four the members had to pick which disease they wanted to focus on. Each person chose their own job that interest them once again, the jobs were Marketing Specialist, Medical Specialist, Computer Programmer or Mechanical Engineer. The Marketing and Medical Specialist worked closely together to create the presentation, explain the disease to people and how they plan to market the robot. The Computer Programmer and Mechanical Engineer work closely together to build the robot, program the robot and demonstrate it during the presentation. The groups had to present their products and plans in front of community members, teachers and other students.