Milan Center for Innovative Studies

MASSP EdCon - Traverse City

June 27 - 29, 2016

Session Description:

How engaged are your seniors? Underclassmen? Do they have the social-emotional traits they need to be successful beyond high school? Much lip service is given to the need to focus on 21st century skills, but what are they and how do you measure them? This session will focus on how we redesigned the senior year with these questions in mind and how we use ACT Engage data, standards based “I can” statements, and PBL to engage our students from day 1 to day 181.

Learning Outcomes for Attendees

        1. Moving the senior year from a "lost year" to a "meaningful year" by engaging student in authentic projects

       2. Leveraging 1-1 technology to make students award-winning producers of knowledge

        3.Infusing curriculum with social-emotional goals and 21st-century skills

L-R First row:  Brad Baden (Science Lead); Erin Jones (English Lead);  De'Nae Streeter (Math Lead); Herb Morelock (Government Lead)

L-R Second row Kim Goffee (Senior Counselor) and Melissa Fiederlein (Special Education Teacher Consultant)

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Today's Keynote Below

- Redesigning the Senior Year: How PBL and Social Emotional Goals Make It Work- 

June 28, 2016


Welcome!  We are so excited to share about our experiences with Redesigning the Senior Year as we have experienced it over the last 6 years!  The teachers have been a part of the entire development of the MCIS, from the initial framework to the curriculum to the building of the wing onto the existing high school and beyond!  

Don't have a "new wing"?  NO PROBLEM!  Everything that we are sharing can be done between a few classrooms by transforming traditional settings into interactive, flexible spaces and team teaching!

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