Milan Center for Innovative Studies

Public Service Announcement

The purpose of this project was to make the students aware of the major issues around the world. For this project the students had to create a Public Service Announcement, or PSA about a world issue that they chose. For example they could pick childhood obesity, bullying, recycling, smoking etc.  Once they picked their topic, the students were required to research that topic.  After the research was done they had to come up with three ways to raise public awareness about their problem. In order to accomplish this each group was required to make a commercial, radio ad, and a print ad. The students were required to do the same project next year, but they were allowed to choose what types of ads they wanted to do as long as two were a form of digital media and two were a form of print media. Then both groups presented their work in front of teachers and other students. Below is an example of a digital media ad piece.