Milan Center for Innovative Studies

Transportation Innovation

Year 1: The purpose of this project was to have the students design, build, and market a fully functioning  toy boat that was made from trash or recycled material. The students were also required to research a given topic about the history of transportation and make a documentary telling us about what they have  learned. They were given three weeks to complete the project. This project was a great way to teach the students about problem solving, trial and error, marketing skills, and the mechanics of boats. The students also learned about solar energy and how solar panels work to convert sunlight into electricity.

Year 2: This year students built a land yacht instead of a boat. This consisted of them constructing a sail boat but with wheels that moved in the wind from fans. The students were required to sketch a sample of their yacht, and then create a replica piece by piece on the AutoDesk Inventor program used by engineers. The group also had to create a documentary and write an essay about the history of sailing and the influence it has had on the world today. Students were also given calculations to complete using information from their land yachts. This project included all aspects of learning math, science, social studies, english and technology.